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games you must play to be considered a “gamer” by +peter
July 6, 2006, 2:29 am
Filed under: Gaming as Usual

So here is the first official “content” post within the greener pastures known as Glitch Feed. I promise I will update later with actual game dev content.

In preparing for this blog, I have kept a library of bookmarks that cover an assortment of topics, ranging from game design to other stuff (so, its a pretty big library). More to come, yay.

As gamers we must constantly sift through the garbage of crappy games to find the few jewels that really define the medium. recently posted (recent as in November last year) a top 10 [sic] list of the most underrated games this past generation.

It brings a bitter tear to my eye when I already know that many of these games, while being absolutely amazing, failed to raise even an eyebrow from the gaming masses despite their critical acclaim.

While I can identify all of them, I can really only claim to have played a couple, which makes me worry about the possibility of my gaming license being revoked.

See the complete list here at: Joystiq’s top 10 hidden gems of this generation.

Has anybody played any of these? Fill the rest of us in using the neato, gee wiz comments feature!



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