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I dated a replicant. by +peter
August 13, 2006, 9:48 pm
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Some of you will hopefully recognize this image. If you don’t, go rent Blade Runner this very moment. I don’t care if you do not possess legs or have pizza hanging out of your mouth. Go get that movie and watch it!

(waits 5 hours)

Okay, now that we have had that taken care of. The images you see above and below are not in fact from the movie Blade Runner, but rather a map for Unreal Tournament 2004 by AngelH@rt, titled DM-2019-XS.

The map is not a gameplay map, rather it is a simple exploration map. I spent at least an hour exploring all the little details of this map (and there are many) and I have yet to see them all.

I officially dub this a work of art, and anybody in the mood to disagree can go on a date with the front bumper of my ‘soccer mom’ van. Look, you can fly around in a Spinner! Why would you avoid such an opportunity?

Check out this link here to read the release thread and find a download link.

– Ru Su Ta 



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