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Stubbs, he was a good guy by +peter
August 15, 2006, 1:18 am
Filed under: Indie Games, the industry

Look. Its 1 AM and I just spent 2 hours trying to study Japanese, so please don’t criticize my grammar.

Here at Glitchfeed, many of us are aspiring game designers. As you are reading this, some of us are working hard at bending the UT2K4 engine to our will. Its a difficult battle for we lack the needed finesse to “woo” the engine into taking off its clothes and becoming our bed mates. The only thing this “Axe” body spray we are using attracts are horny hamsters (discusting with a dash of adorable).

As if we needed a reminder that it does not get easier, has an excellent article up, the postmortem of the almost hit Stubbs the Zombie, written by Alexander Seropian.

For those of you not in the know, he was one of the original developers of the Halo series. He fled Bungie to start up his own indie company Wideload and continued on to make the zombie game that HE wanted to.

The start of his article lists out the “commandments” that his company worked hard to adhere to. The general idea of which is that they are to remain the final say in the creative process and rule out the influences that any third parties (publishers) might have.

His guidlines are fodder for artists and indie developers, and he discusses the benefits and pitfalls of the company’s mantra.

Give it a peak! Discuss in the comments section … they work!

Peter “brraaaaaaiiiinnnnss” Traylor
I could proofread this, but I dont wanna


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