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Paper Cut by +peter
August 10, 2006, 10:34 pm
Filed under: Gaming as Usual, Indie Games, Mods

I am addicted to surfing the internet. I know more about the game world than I should. I would not be surprised if it started to have adverse effects on my health. If I spent half the time I spend surfing doing something productive, well, then something productive would have been accomplished.

Instead of brainstorming the different ways I could be productive (that would require work) I shall tell you about one of the fruits of my non labor.

While there may be a handful of more advanced engines available to modders, the UT2k4 engine remains one of the most well documented and accessible engines available. It is always nice to see the aging engine getting some more support from sophisticated mod teams.

Drawn to be Alive is a French mod that started off as a class project and has turned into something wholly worth any game players attention.


Tell me why you wouldn’t want to be a little paper doll?
I don’t think you can.