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October 25, 2006, 11:48 pm
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I’d been considering registering Glitch Feed as an official student group at the University of Michigan for quite awhile, when fate graced me for my judicious delibera-procrastin-ation.

While running in ellipses, it occurred to me that although Glitch Feed is a forward-thinking group, it is still only in its infancy. Following any protocol could seriously damage whatever spark of ingenuity inspired the group in the first place. As a result of our recent brush with the banality of mainstream game development, Glitch Feed will not be recognized by the MSA. Not only will we be unlisted in the litany of student associations on campus, but we will also be unqualified to apply for MSA funds.

The lack of publicity will hopefully attract an interesting crowd, while the lack of funding will, if anything, only encourage the current malcontent with the game industry at large. Because we aim to be an underground/alternative group, accepting any boons from the target of our ‘movement’ would be sacrilege.

Please post your thoughts, raise your objections, and calm me down.

~Steph [the over-zealous conspirator]

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