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need … more … by +peter
November 30, 2006, 8:41 am
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It’s 2 am. The air is wet and cold yet you persist, crawling down the back alley towards that single lantern. A simple light illuminating a worn, metal door brings you forward out of the darkness. To that beacon of hope you slither till your body crashes into the door that is unforgiving and seemingly unwilling to allow you to indulge in your painful addictions.

Your fist pounds upon the barrier and it responds with a dull echo, and then silence. Your addiction is forcing your limbs to move, forcing you out into a cold night that might otherwise kill any lesser man. It eats away at your body and denies you the rest and peace you acutely desire. You need more.

And who am I to deny you of “more”? Your addiction is your problem, but you bring me business and public approval. I am here to give you what you want, what you cannot live without.


Relevant Game Design Episode 2!!! OMG

Steph and I took our time to get here (we have a list of assorted excuses) but we would like to announce that we will again commit to the simple exercise of creating a gameplay model based upon real world events. For a description of what we did last time, go here and then here.

Its pretty much the same deal as before, only this time we are extending the rules to include not only periodicals as source concept material, but any human experience you may come across. This includes your own experiences.

An example might be that you take a single event in your life and create a game concept out of it. Say, you went to the store and bought an apple. Upon arriving home you discover the apple has a worm in it! Now your task is to build a game concept out of that situation that reflects the human aspect of the situation. The game concept should be complementary to the event.

I want to extend an invitation to everyone who reads this to come join in on our little game designing party. The due date is next Sunday the 10th of December, so you have plenty of time! On or prior to that day, simply email me your “ready to be posted” concept and I will publish it for the world to see and critique!

Happy concepting!


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You idea snatcher! You snatched the idea I snatched from you! Maybe I’ll change the said apple to a pear.

Comment by bajaba

Sounds like a fun challenge. I might have time to scratch a few ideas together.

Comment by mouseecstasy

excellent, tell your friends!

Comment by rooster

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