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Make me help. by bluelotusfeet
January 9, 2007, 11:53 pm
Filed under: Game design, Indie Games, Mods

I’m back. Over break I avoided people and played quite a lot of video games. My toppers were: Knytt, Façade, and Age of Empires III (with the natives!). That’s right. I, the Sioux chief sent my cougar army to invade the russian ninja facility in the delicate lands of Orinoco.

knytt screen shot

The screenshot here is from the devilishly cute game of Knytt. I’ll let other people review it because I’m a little sick right now. Download it on the link! Also, check out

But here’s what this post is really about:

What do you guys suggest to use to make videogames? I’m no programmer that much, I know a tiny bit of java. I don’t have a copy of Unreal so I’m not sure I can mod it (nor do I know how). I found 3Drad again, and the new version is real user friendly and costs $30. It has lots of built in ai to make quick games in one night that could be made into something pretty neat. I’ve used Games Factory 2, and made a cute little game where you try to not die.

Simple question, simple post.. but I’m antsy and would like to make something already.


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Depends on how professional you want the game to look.
I use GameMaker to create quick experimental games. It has an easy drag-and-drop programming interface but you can script everything yourself if you want.
For an example see the christmas card game I made in under a day:;6407410;;/fileinfo.html

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