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Glitch Feed is official!!! (again) by +peter
January 29, 2007, 12:53 am
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The proper avenues have been taken. The bureaucratic system that is the University of Michigan’s School of Art and Design has been navigated and Glitch Feed is officially a class (read: independent study).

It’s been a long time desire of mine to actually study game design from the artists perspective and after many months of work and negotiations with assorted faculty, Stephanie and I will finally embark on what will be a very challenging artistic, adventure.

We will be working primarily within the Unreal Tournament 2004 engine and we hope to create some pieces that go in different directions than what a mod scene might normally produce.

One major obstacle we will have to over come is our utter lack of any knowledge regarding game code (we are pretty good at everything else. pretty good.) We are learning yes, it is difficult but we will move forward!! If any body wants to lend a hand, we would relish any aid that other artists or experienced coders might want to provide.

Of course, this blog will be updated more often as progress continues to yield tastier fruit.

Read on to see our preliminary course outline.


Yeah, Espresso Royal is the quintessential coffee house on campus. With free internet an thousands of plugs for your computer, game development has never been so yuppy. Computer science majors can keep their desolate holes, we artists are people of the world!

▼ ❑ Primary Goals

▼ ❑ 3 proof of concepts
• ❑ 1. traditional mechanics
learn unreal basics, full on mod
– teach non gamers how to play, and allow them to enjoy it
• ❑ 2. mechanics based off reality
see relevant game design on
• ❑ 3. abstract mechanics to describe an abstract sense/object
see Gamegirladvance – poems about a freshly picked peach
– teach hardcore gamers how to try something else

• ❑ create fleshed out concept
1 – low poly, rooms idea, narrative/exploration with focus on community effort??

▼ ❑ Meeting times (between Steph and Peter)
• ❑ Wednesday 8:30PM, Saturday 12:30PM
meet at Espresso (for now)

So yeah, I’m hoping this plan of attack doesn’t lead to Stephanie and I over extending ourselves. Help is embraced!

– ピーター

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Nice work! Sounds like an interesting mini course. I hope it turns out well.
The Unreal Tournament 2004 engine is semi-complex to work with. I’ve created a MOD with a game dev. group using it before, and I’ll gladly give you a few tips.
Ie; stick with the FPS/ 3rd person shooter gameplay mechanics, it’s a pain to edit the engine. We tried to make a flight sim and ended wasting our time on that rather than the needed gameplay elements.
Also; make sure you can inport Maya and 3DStudio Max models into the game before you waste time making the models, only to find they won’t import.
Some webs:
Download the video tutorials; they helped the most.

Comment by mouseecstasy

ah yes, I remember looking over your project and seeing that you used the UT2K4 engine. I will probably have many questions for you as we continue to move forward.

Interestingly, this actually isnt a “mini” course. Despite its lack of an actual course guide, its a full credit class that is taking the place of one of my primary art requirements. Basically, this alots Steph and I much with more time. More desperately needed time.

Thanks for you support, I’m glad you still check in!

Comment by rooster

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