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February 17, 2007, 4:14 am
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How do I put this lightly? No, I DON’T want to get drunk tonight and I have a variety of reasons why I shouldn’t! Starting off, this is a Wednesday night, as in I have school all day tomorrow. Thursdays equal academic death. I need sleep to prepare for my collegiate suicide. Parties and sleeping usually end in humiliating pictures and dry erasable penises.

I guess the threat of phallic shapes on my face are not enough to keep me from doing what I know is wrong. I guess knowing what I am about to do is wrong is also not enough to stop me from doing it. Thus the strawberry red margarita hits my face and I begin my descent into sugary debauchery.

At least my intentions were noble. Work more on the game, that was the plan. Steph and I had our little cave rigged up and we were pumping out code like it was coming from an assembly line. She handled the camera and controls while I tinkered with level assets. Development was running smoother than something that was really smooth. It came together in more graceful prose than iambic pentameter. She was William, and I was a knock off Shakespeare.

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This is where you come in by +peter
February 11, 2007, 10:26 pm
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Sketch number one: basic gameplay in a side scroller perspective. Also defined as, platforming fun with moving platforms. Woo!

Look, you have to start somewhere! Despite the seeming simplicity of the elements we are using, their is still the possibility of a very complex and engaging experience, we at least hope. That is what we tell our investors.

The concept behind this single level focuses on transition and creation. I believe that an unchanging “world” would be very uninteresting to the player, thus as the player progresses they will find themselves playing a role in the metamorphosis from a stark “schematic” level to a thriving world.

This is where you come in. We are very interested in seeing how other visual artists might imagine this second “world.” Steph and I had visions of a gritty city, laced with paint splatter and subtle suggestions. We are not going for ultra realism, rather the more stylistic the better.

This will then be implemented it into the final stages of the level. The world you have designed will be created around the player, slowly building itself out of individual elements to completely replace the first world all together.

If you are interested, email myself at peteralt at umich dot edu. I hope to have this entire project completed in a couple weeks. (LIES!!!!)
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like I need another distraction by +peter
February 6, 2007, 12:19 am
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Probably the greatest way to wake up in the morning is with a UPS truck parked at your front door and a man clad in brown with a cardboard box tucked under his arm, peering through the your window.

After years of procrastination, I finally forced myself to buy it. What had held me back till this point, I really don’t know. I might have been distracted by something, something not really worth it. Maybe the price point seemed too high and I had to wait till it plummeted like an asteroid to a paltry 10 pieces. Yet there it was, and the only thing standing between us was a drafty door and the insurmountable cold.

The weather here in Ann Arbor is horrible. Imagine death and then subtract a couple degrees. As I type this, it is -13 degrees outside (celsius). The notion of glancing out the window into winter’s sarcophagus fills me with such fear and loathing, that merely opening the door to the abhorrent “outside” would only happen if something life altering were about to take place. That time was nigh!

I scrawled my name on the man’s little “signer ma-thinger computer” thing.
“I guess this kinda looks like my signature.” I quipped.
“I wouldn’t know the difference.” the brown man trumped (I realized afterwards that comments of this nature probably stopped being novel about 3 hours into this man’s career.)

I closed the door and locked the demons of winter outside. It was now just me, my box and my gigantic smile. Then a house mate came to spoil the curiously sensual moment.
“Get anything good?”
“Just a video game…”
“Cool, what game.”
“Oh, just some old one.”

He couldn’t understand, he wouldn’t! Even if I tried to explain the importance of the object that lay in my possession, he would probably nod it off and go back to whatever ex-frat guys do in their spare time, beer pong with stuffed animals or something.

Now alone and with the steadiness of a caffeine addict, I unsheathed my pen to repeatedly stab the box till the tape gave way, opening to reveal its holy splendor!

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Musings On Menus by bajaba
February 1, 2007, 2:28 am
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…and so the artists began their journey into a wholly new and Unreal world…

…only to appreciate the black screen that they, themselves, called into existence.

Since that auspicious landmark in the project, a basic menu has replaced the standard UT2004 menu, and the ‘Glitchfeed’ splash screen welcomes players to the TC mod. After entirely too much caffeine, we have been able to both momentarily understand and manipulate the Unreal Script. As of now, the streamline startup menu links to UT’s submenus. At this very moment, Peter is ripping out his beard while culling the unnecessary menu buttons and their associated options. With luck (and no compiling errors) the GlitchFeedMainMenu will be a minimalist version of its commercial counterpart within the hour.