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Musings On Menus by bajaba
February 1, 2007, 2:28 am
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…and so the artists began their journey into a wholly new and Unreal world…

…only to appreciate the black screen that they, themselves, called into existence.

Since that auspicious landmark in the project, a basic menu has replaced the standard UT2004 menu, and the ‘Glitchfeed’ splash screen welcomes players to the TC mod. After entirely too much caffeine, we have been able to both momentarily understand and manipulate the Unreal Script. As of now, the streamline startup menu links to UT’s submenus. At this very moment, Peter is ripping out his beard while culling the unnecessary menu buttons and their associated options. With luck (and no compiling errors) the GlitchFeedMainMenu will be a minimalist version of its commercial counterpart within the hour.


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bad syntax, oh god oh god oh god … where is the freaking comma? no semi colon? why do you care!? errrrrrrk!
success! ahhhhhhh, thats relief

Comment by rooster

Ah the joys of programming đŸ˜‰

Comment by mouseecstasy

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