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like I need another distraction by +peter
February 6, 2007, 12:19 am
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Probably the greatest way to wake up in the morning is with a UPS truck parked at your front door and a man clad in brown with a cardboard box tucked under his arm, peering through the your window.

After years of procrastination, I finally forced myself to buy it. What had held me back till this point, I really don’t know. I might have been distracted by something, something not really worth it. Maybe the price point seemed too high and I had to wait till it plummeted like an asteroid to a paltry 10 pieces. Yet there it was, and the only thing standing between us was a drafty door and the insurmountable cold.

The weather here in Ann Arbor is horrible. Imagine death and then subtract a couple degrees. As I type this, it is -13 degrees outside (celsius). The notion of glancing out the window into winter’s sarcophagus fills me with such fear and loathing, that merely opening the door to the abhorrent “outside” would only happen if something life altering were about to take place. That time was nigh!

I scrawled my name on the man’s little “signer ma-thinger computer” thing.
“I guess this kinda looks like my signature.” I quipped.
“I wouldn’t know the difference.” the brown man trumped (I realized afterwards that comments of this nature probably stopped being novel about 3 hours into this man’s career.)

I closed the door and locked the demons of winter outside. It was now just me, my box and my gigantic smile. Then a house mate came to spoil the curiously sensual moment.
“Get anything good?”
“Just a video game…”
“Cool, what game.”
“Oh, just some old one.”

He couldn’t understand, he wouldn’t! Even if I tried to explain the importance of the object that lay in my possession, he would probably nod it off and go back to whatever ex-frat guys do in their spare time, beer pong with stuffed animals or something.

Now alone and with the steadiness of a caffeine addict, I unsheathed my pen to repeatedly stab the box till the tape gave way, opening to reveal its holy splendor!

As I stated earlier, I have no idea what held me from purchasing Psychonauts. I will attribute this needed intervention to Mouse Ecstasy, who’s blog post prompted me to check Amazon.

I guess my new years resolution of completing Chrono Trigger might have to be put on hold. This game is much more significant and relevant to my current purposes. I MUST consume the mind of Tim Schafer, only then may I gain his wisdom and fashion sense!

In other news. Steph and I have moved on from the grind of menu coding (artists are seriously not meant for this) to actual game play development. Expect more of that on Weds. (I mean sunday)


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You must know how long it took to put in all those ‘O’s”

but it was worth it.

Comment by bajaba

Congratulations! You are now a proud owner of Psychonauts. Hm, I wonder if I can start a chain of people buying this game ^__^

I couldn’t actually guess what game you meant until I saw the image. At the start I thought you ordered a PS3. Great visual imagery. I wish I could write that good.

Comment by mouseecstasy

Thanks for the comments! I will give you the super secret hint behind my writing: the Apple Thesaurus widget. It helps make my words even wordier!

I’ve already shown Psychonauts to a handful of friends. They all reacted the same way, “DOOOD, that is sooo awesome! Where can I find it?”

Perhaps a grass roots movement is in store.

Comment by rooster

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