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This is where you come in by +peter
February 11, 2007, 10:26 pm
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Sketch number one: basic gameplay in a side scroller perspective. Also defined as, platforming fun with moving platforms. Woo!

Look, you have to start somewhere! Despite the seeming simplicity of the elements we are using, their is still the possibility of a very complex and engaging experience, we at least hope. That is what we tell our investors.

The concept behind this single level focuses on transition and creation. I believe that an unchanging “world” would be very uninteresting to the player, thus as the player progresses they will find themselves playing a role in the metamorphosis from a stark “schematic” level to a thriving world.

This is where you come in. We are very interested in seeing how other visual artists might imagine this second “world.” Steph and I had visions of a gritty city, laced with paint splatter and subtle suggestions. We are not going for ultra realism, rather the more stylistic the better.

This will then be implemented it into the final stages of the level. The world you have designed will be created around the player, slowly building itself out of individual elements to completely replace the first world all together.

If you are interested, email myself at peteralt at umich dot edu. I hope to have this entire project completed in a couple weeks. (LIES!!!!)


In other news, the games I am currently playing (seriously) is growing to a point where the mental task of picking a title to play has become ominous.
The list is as follows.

Chrono Trigger – I have been playing this game for two years now. I thank the heavens that Rom save files interlope between emulators and platforms. I started on the PSP and have since migrated to PC and then Mac. I must mention that I do own a legal copy of this game … only its in Japanese and kinda hard to understand.

Panzer Dragoon Saga – GAWD I love this game. I am having a difficult time forcing myself to play the ISO as I really want to experience a legal copy on actual Saturn hardware. I do own BOTH, yet sadly both are also Japanese versions. Again, the whole languge barrier proves to be my adversary.

Pheonix Wright – I have watched three of my friends play the beginning of this game. I have yet to begin. I believe I witnessed the phenomenon of being over-saturated to a title prior to ever playing it. The internet also does this. The less I know about a game, the more interested I am.

Psychonauts – The rumors are true, this game is better than sex. It has suddenly taken a top spot on my “You Must Play This Game Or You A Pathetic Bastard!” list. My sex life has taken a sharp turn for the nonexistent.

Hotel Dusk – This just came in the mail … I don’t expect the shrink wrap to be removed anytime in the near future.

Radiant Silvergun – I’ll add this to my list of Saturn titles I need to spend serious time with, yet can’t find the time. Securing a TV is also an issue and lends itself to the problem.

I’m interested in hearing what all you viewers are currently playing (bonus points for the game being retro)! Hit up the comments section!


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I like your concept so far! Two weeks seems a little restrictive. Do you think you can make it in time? If you do please upload it to Filefront, as I’d love to play it.

Hm, I don’t have a specific game that I’m playing at the moment. I’m packing my belongings and moving state again for Uni. So I have to say goodbye to my Wii, which is actually the property of my brother. I’ve been playing Zelda: TP but have still not finished. Looks like I’ll have to pick up from where I have left from, next Christmas *sigh*

Comment by mouseecstasy

Two weeks may ultimately prove to be far too little time. That being said though, progress is being made at a fairly constant rate. People are interested in contributing art work and Ronen is creating a sound piece for it.

Regardless of when we get it done, as soon as we get the code and level from “horribly embarassing” to “palatable” we will post it! Thanks for your interest!

Its really sad that you have to leave your (brother’s) Wii behind. Steph would understand best as she has one as well. No one should have to go through such a cruel odreal, at least not for such an obsene amount of time.

Comment by rooster

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