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Drilling holes by +peter
May 28, 2007, 12:02 pm
Filed under: Gaming as Usual, Japan

What you see above you are two copies of the same game. Normally I might only purchase one copy of a game as the consumer’s desire has not yet caused me to feel unsatisfied without acquiring multiples of the same object. In this case though, I suffer some form of “collector’s” obsessive compulsive disorder.

The true fault lies in my, still horrible, comprehension of the Japanese language. Typically, when I buy I game, I expect the sales clerk to merely retrieve the game and hand me the complete package after an exchange of some monetary details.

I shift into panic gear when the man behind the counter starts asking me questions. “Uhh, hai!” is all I can exhale while a drop of sweat starts to collect on my forehead. The man smiles awkwardly in return as if saying, “you really want to buy this?” I mimic his smile with my own uneasy version and accept the yellow bag containing the game – with no box.

“SHIT, he told me there was no box for the game! I don’t know the word for box!” The collector in me is punching at my tear ducts. I hold the yellow bag to my chest and quickly shuffle outside where I proceed to vent by knocking my bike over.

Thus my journeys and trials in Japan ‘o’ land continue. While here, I have a good mind to continue blogging about about life and other wonderful things that interest me. It has been a while since I have contributed anything of value to this blog (ever?) No time like the right now to get things rolling again.

So how does this epic tale end? Where does that second copy of Drill Dozer (Screw Breaker here in Japan) come from? On the advice from my girly friend, I made a second trek to the retro game store I originally intended to go. There I found multiple copies of Drill Dozer, in boxes and for half the price I payed at RipOff Gamez. I could not resist humoring the collector within and purchased a fully boxed second copy.

The most troubling part of this whole ordeal was the calm I experienced at the end. Am I really that anal?


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