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almost not worth it by +peter
June 19, 2007, 10:25 am
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Japan is horrible for my coffee addiction. At home we have a machine that simplifies the coffee creation process into a single button affair. But here in my Polly Pocket sized apartment, one cannot afford such luxuries. I will outline the entire process for you in a single post without any breaks. Excited?

Start by pouring tap water into a frying pan and placing pan on the Easy Bake Oven stove top.

Remove coffee packet from wrapper and lay out on wooden cutting board.

Tear off along the dotted line (be sure to hold it right side up otherwise coffee grains will spill all over.)

Unfold wings, allowing the packet to support itself and walk around.

Open up packet into a cute little basket.

Place into cup.

Your water should have started boiling 10 minutes ago,

so pour boiling water into tea pot.

Now pour boiling water into coffee packet. (note: DO NOT attempt to pour the boiling water directly into the cup from the frying pan. I learned this lesson multiple times, so you don’t have to!)

Let sit for a minute. Enjoy aroma.

Move coffee packet to auxiliary cup. Repeat the last two steps with this new cup, thus cheating the coffee packet into giving you a second tiny cup of coffee.

We are trying to be healthy here, so only add a little sugar.

Add Hokkaido (only!) milk. Only the best Japanese cows will do.

Place next to Apple computer on ethnic Japanese table.




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Argh! so brave! I’m from Italy … I can’t possibly (it’s a question of both physiology and pride) drink coffee if it doesn’t come from this or this kind of machine.

PS : I just randomly found your site. I like your blog.

Comment by simaldeff

You my friend are blessed. I should be so lucky to even squeeze a drop of caffeine from a single cup.
Thanks for checking the blog! I’ll return the blogrole favor.

Comment by +peter

[…] in Japan (those are my favourites), Glitch Feed. And the first post I saw in that blog was “Almost not worth it.” by +Peter. Now, just to show +peter the good part about living in Italy, I’ll do a […]

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