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Interior Decorating. An Update by bajaba
July 29, 2007, 10:46 pm
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[Having just scraped enough nickels and dimes to cash in at an internet cafe proper]


In recent weeks, any evidence of level design development has been severely lacking. Although I’d like to say that while I haven’t been posting any progress I have been working diligently to craft a tangible, digital world, this is sadly not [entirely] the case.

The situation could be analogous to being a deer caught in the headlights of a Hummer but for the fact that, unlike the poor animal, I had myriad of directions I could take. Naturally, not deigning one to have more intrinsic value over the rest, I had to try out each artistic possibility in its own right. I believe that I have finally reached a level of satisfaction with the way things are shaping up. True, the general feel of the level is more realistic than I had originally anticipated, but it is a displaced reality…one that is suspended in space, existing only by the supports of the skewed Unreal coordinate system.

Playing with this unreal-yet-present space, I decided to scrap all of the 78 meshes I had made over the course of this summer. The texture files, almost four times that number, met a similar fate. When working with an existing engine to create a simple world that doesn’t quite exist, it only seemed natural to use those tools already provided. This creates a disparity between what the player is asked to do by convention and what they perceive they are doing. The lack of direction forces the player to create their world as they move through it, without relying heavily on movers and use triggers.

The set is quite ambiguous, as one would expect. At times it could appear to be an abandoned warehouse, while at others some back alley. It is this simplistic diaspora that will hopefully compel the player to move forward.


…I realize that there are no screenshots up…once I get back in the country I will post some!


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