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Exquisite Corpse DS by +peter
August 26, 2007, 3:10 pm
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In my experience, Picto-Chat on the DS has only been entertaining in two situations. One, when you first get your DS and the “gee-wiz factor” of wireless networking forces you to seek out another DS owning human so you can instant message them from 3 feet away.

Two, when you are forced attend a weekly lecture featuring artists who swear that rolling around on the floor with a pumpkin on their head is original, non shitty art.

My friends, I have uncovered the next big thing in Picto-Chat functionality: Collaborative Art (that you can never, ever keep in its original form)

Equal credit must be given to my dear friend Ali as well. She’s cute as a really cute button, and I always enjoy giving cute buttons their dues.

The process is simple. One person draws a set of lines (usually 3 to 5) on the top of their Picto-Chat window. They send this to the other person who then copies it to their window. Using these lines as a guide, one person is designated the top half of a creature, the other person takes the lower regions.

Provided one of you is not an idiot, the results should be entertaining! Unfortunately, one of us was an idiot (hint: not the button), so only some of the results were entertaining.

Click that big fat MORE button to see just that!

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